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A Gross Extravagance of Books

An old, old, old commission I just finished for a friend last night.

This thing took me five years to get around to completing and went through a ton of iterations. Plus, my style and skill level changed quite a lot from beginning to end. It was interesting to me to see this, but I'm glad to be done with her.

Amy phillips 20170318 ele

Finished image.

Amy phillips ele 002

Step 1 - Started this about five years ago. Made the mistake of not using a ref.

Amy phillips ele 003

Step 2

Amy phillips ele 004

Step 3 - Decided to try going greyscale first. Tried to fix the pose, still didn't bother using a ref.

Amy phillips ele 005

Step 4 - Roughing out the body before adding the clothes.

Amy phillips ele 006

Step 5

Amy phillips ele 007

Step 6 - Got a damned clue and pulled in a ref.

Amy phillips ele 008

Step 7 - Started adding clothing and props.

Amy phillips ele 009

Step 8 - Clothing details. Should have waited until I had the hands solidified though. I got impatient.

Amy phillips ele 010

Step 9

Amy phillips ele 011

Step 10 - Got the damned books fleshed out, added some detail to the window.

Amy phillips ele 012

Step 11 - Basic colors as they would appear without any lighting. Probably not the most effective way of going about this, but this has been a learning experience.